Positive Grid launches the Spark MINI: a scaled-down, battery-powered version of the Spark

Positive Grid launches the Spark MINI: a scaled-down, battery-powered version of the Spark.

Positive Grid has launched the Spark MINI, a new amplifier based on its previous Spark amplifier.

In terms of software and digital sounds, specifications are very similar to the full-sized Spark. Full operation requires a smartphone running the Spark App (available on iOS or Android), as the amplifier only has three knobs on its control panel. One selects between four chosen presets, the other changes the volume of your guitar and the third the volume of your backing track.

The Spark app lets you actually design presets, utilising 33 amplifier models, and 43 effects. You can also download tones from the internet using the app.


Other features on the app include Smart Jam and Video Capture. Smart Jam automatically provides bass and drums behind your guitar playing, detecting the intensity of your playing and adjusting accordingly.

The Video Capture feature lets you capture video using your smartphone, with the audio recorded directly from the Spark Mini’s digital output via Bluetooth. Similarly, USB connectivity allows for more traditional recording capabilities into your DAW of choice.

Spark MINI’s construction includes two two-inch angled speakers for stereo sound. There’s also a passive bass radiator at the bottom of the unit.

The battery can be recharged via a standard five-volt USB C connection, and Positive Grid promises eight hours of playing time on “mid volume.”

There’s no word on price just yet, but you can sign up to be notified of preorders going live over at positivegrid.com. Positive Grid also notes that Spark MINI will offer a discounted price and a free bonus for those who preorder, although it didn’t mention what the bonus will be.

Check out Positive Grid’s introductory video below.