Positive Grid reveals Spark Pearl, a limited white-tolex edition of the Spark amplifier

The compact practice amp pairs with an app to offer quick tone changes and downloadable presets.

Positive Grid has launched Spark Pearl, a new limited white-tolex edition of its Spark amplifier. Spark Pearl also sports gold piping for its trim as well as a custom carry strap.

Underneath the white tolex, the amp sports the same compact 40-watt design, which can connect via Bluetooth to the Spark app for full control over its tones and parameters. Bluetooth connectivity also allows for listening or playing along to backing tracks, and while a great pairing with the app the top panel of the amp still has dedicated controls for its amp models and effects. The Positive Grid ToneCloud, accessed via the app, lets you download preset tone from thousands of the amps’ users worldwide.

Other specifications include two custom 4-inch speakers, a total of 30 amp models and 40 effects. It measures 35cm by 18cm by 19cm, making it primed for placement on your desk or on a coffee table.


Positive Grid's Spark Pearl
Image: Positive Grid

Laura B. Whitmore Positive Grid’s senior VP of marketing said of the new version: “After inspiring thousands of guitarists to jam at home with Spark, we are excited to introduce a very special version of the amp. Spark Pearl is a beautiful but mighty addition to any space, and guitarists will be excited to plug in and jam with its friendly, interactive features.”

Take a listen to the amp in action with Positive Grid’s official intro video below.

Extremely limited quantities of Spark Pearl are available worldwide. Sign up to be notified when sales go live.