PRS Europe rolls out limited-edition CE24s in Smokeburst finishes

Five stunning colours with satin nitro finishes.

PRS Europe has released an extremely limited run of CE24s – only 200 are available – that sport satin nitro Smokeburst finishes.

The Smokeburst finishes are available in five colours: Faded Purple, Faded Grey Black, Faded Jade, Faded Fire Red and Faded Blue. Another unique tonewood in this run is a CITES-busting ebony fingerboard, which is in place of the production line’s rosewood fingerboard.

Otherwise, the CE24s’ features remain unchanged. These include a pair of 85/15 humbuckers which are wired to a master volume knob and master tone knob with push/pull functions. Of course, the limited-edition axes also boast PRS’ birds inlay.


Available at the same price as production-line CE24s. More info at