Reverb and PRS crack down on Lunar Ice Silver Sky preorder scalping

Highly-inflated listings were made by private sellers, as opposed to authorised dealers.

The PRS Silver Sky Lunar Ice Flip Flop

Image: PRS

Many listings for the new, limited-edition PRS Lunar Ice Silver Sky have been removed from, after both the marketplace and PRS seemingly cracked down on preorder listings from unauthorised sellers.

Reverb’s policies prohibit the use of listings that use stock photography (that is, photos directly from manufacturers) by sellers that are not authorised dealers of that brand.

Effectively, individuals cannot head over to PRS’ website, download photos of the Lunar Ice Silver Sky, and then use those photos to upload a new listing without violating Reverb’s Terms Of Use – as it counts as listing a guitar that they don’t have.

Authorised dealers are exempt from this as they are in a position to forward preorders from their Reverb store directly to the manufacturer – offering a far stronger guarantee that the preordered guitar will actually show up.

Despite the rules, this was exactly what some sellers did for the limited-edition guitar, which is due to ship in February.

According to a video released by Casino Guitars, which you can see below, PRS and Reverb worked together to remove the listings, some of which asked for massively inflated prices, causing the guitar to seemingly disappear from the site.

The effect of bad-faith scalping and similar practices, and their relationship to limited product runs, became a talking point in the world of guitar equipment with the launch of the Chase Bliss/ZVEX Bliss Factory limited-edition pedal. The small run of units sold out incredibly quickly, but pedals were soon back up on Reverb for a much higher price.

This prompted Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio to release a statement in which he said he was “done” with limited-run pedals, and called the flipping “egregious.”

Whether the Lunar Ice Silver Sky will befall a similar fate once it begins to ship remains to be seen.

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