Reverend’s first S-type has vintage looks and modern electrics

The Gil Parris GPS is loaded with three dual-voice Fishman pickups.

Reverend has launched the new signature Gil Parris GPS, a traditionally-styled S-type that’s packing some decidedly un-vintage electronics under the hood.

The guitar’s main construction consists of a korina body, a one-piece roasted maple neck and 12-inch-radius fretboard, secured with a six-bolt neck plate. At each respective end of a 25.5-inch scale, there’s a boneite nut and a Wilkinson WVS50K tremolo, with six adjustable saddles, adjustable arm tension and a push-in arm. There’s also a set of locking tuners.

The Revered Gil Parris GPS
Image: Reverend


Notably, this is the first S-type on offer from Reverend. And while aesthetically it’s a traditional take on the style, the electronics in the guitar are its modern aspects shine through. While on first glance the pickup arrangement looks fairly standard for an S-type, each of the single-coils is a Fishman Fluence Single Width pickup – these can be switched with a push-pull tone control between two voicings: a vintage voice, and a “hot Texas” voice. The former of these is the classic, airy single-coil sound the style of guitar is known for while the latter is a hotter, punchier sound.

The Gil Parris GPS is available now for $1,919 – find out more at

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