Skip the noise with RockBoard’s ISO Power Block V10

Slim power supply can handle up to 10 pedals at once.

Fresh from RockBoard’s locker is the ISO Power Block V10, a compact power supply designed to juice up 10 pedals without noise.

The device boasts 10 transformer-isolated power slots: eight nine-volts and two 18-volts. The nine-volt slots each have a max current output of 150mA, while each 18-volt slot’s current output is capped at 400mA.

Each power slot features RockBoard’s advanced filtering technology, which is touted to help eliminate high-end noise. The device also comes with short-circuit protection to shield your connected pedals from possible current spikes. A short-circuited slot will be automatically turned off with the other pedals maintaining the status quo. You’ll be alerted to short-circuiting of the nine-volt slots by their independent LED lights.

Available from mid-September at €129. More info at rockboard.de.

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