Rockboard announces the MOD Brace

A sturdy support system for heavier RockBoard MOD patchbays.

RockBoard MOD Brace

Image: RockBoard

Pedalboard and pedalboard accessory manufacturer RockBoard has announced the MOD Brace, an attachment system for its modular patchbay units.

The MOD Brace is a mounting frame designed to go alongside the heavier MOD units, allowing for safe and secure attachment to rockboard pedalboards. A new series of heavier MOD units, the MOD 75, 150 and 4 have also been announced alongside the MOD Brace with more details to be revealed in time. The new units, alongside the Brace, will arrive in summer 2020.

The stainless steel unit isn’t technically backwards-compatible with the existing mod units, as it requires four extra holes. However RockBoard does note that it can be used if you drill these extra holes yourself. All MOD units shipped from the launch of the MOD brace will have these four extra holes.

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