Rocktron steps back in time with limited-edition VooDu Valve preamp

A re-release of the brand’s popular digital/tube unit.

Rocktron VooDu Valve preamp front

Rocktron has dipped into its archives to re-release a limited run of the VooDu Valve preamp. While it sports a new red faceplate – instead of the original black – this device retains its predecessor’s utility, combining DSP effects with warmth derived from tube technology. Here’s the breakdown:

Preamp section

Central to the VooDu Valve LTD is a preamp section that melds warmth and clarity in a unique way, as Rocktron claims. You’ll have a choice between high or low tube gain, each delivering varying amounts of tube break-up.

Engaging low tube gain, you’ll be able to achieve sparkling cleans with enough bite and minimal distortion. The high tube gain option, on the other hand, can be used to muddy your tone. This option may be mixed with digital distortion for “maxed-out half stack tones” or blended with digital clipping for maximum gain, according to Rocktron.

Controls in this section consist of voicing settings – Variac, Pentode, Triode or Solid State – along with post- and pre-EQ sections.

Rocktron effects

Besides its tube technology, the VooDu Valve LTD also boasts a collection of effects sampled from popular Rocktron stompboxes. In the modulation basket are effects like two-tap chorus, dual-mode phaser, pitch shift and tremolo. These are joined by compression, frequency-programmable wah-wah, reverb as well as an echo-like delay with tap tempo.

To top it off, you have access to Rocktron’s HUSH noise reduction effect, which “provides noise reduction while playing and complete silence when not”, according to the brand.


Rocktron VooDu Valve preamp rear

With its range of connection options, VooDu Valve LTD is geared for both live performances and studio recordings. It’s equipped with balanced XLR outputs – with level control – 1/4-inch outs and a headphone out. The device also provides speaker simulation, letting you modify speaker size – 15-, 12-, 8-inch and full range – mic placement and reactance parameters.

Retails at $749. More info at


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