rps effects vitamin c

Boutique pedal makers RPS Effects has launched the Vitamin C, a lozenge of a boost pedal with more under its surface than it lets on.

This citrus-themed pedal is, for the most part, designed to give you up to 27dB of “juicy” gain. There’s only one knob to tinker with; it manages the amount of effect dialled in. At lower to medium gain levels, the pedal gives your playing a touch of zest. Keep turning that knob clockwise, however, and it’ll push your tube amp into overdrive.

The Vitamin C also features a high- and low-output impedance, which, when dialled to the lowest gain setting, allows the pedal to double up as a buffer. This prevents the “dreaded ‘tone suck’ that can arise from long signal chains”, says RPS Effects.

Whether you’re looking to give your solo a bit of a kick, push an amp into overdrive, or minimise tone loss, the Vitamin C might be the handy little supplement you need.

Check out the pedal in action here:


Retails for $60. More information at rpseffects.com.