Live: Ruben Wan teaches great social media musicianship

A skill with ever-growing significance. Live: Standing out from the crowd when it comes to being a guitarist on social media is no small feat. But that’s exactly what Ruben Wan has done – and central to that is how he makes his playing translate online and connect with his audience. Wan dropped by Live over the weekend to give a masterclass on how to compose, shoot and mix for a social audience.

Writing for such an audience requires a slightly different way of thinking to how you might play just for yourself, or in a more traditional writing environment. Wan explains, having put together a backing track for a piece of playing: “this is a very simple backing track. There’s nothing fancy going on the goal with this piece is to highlight the guitar riffs I’m going to be coming up with.”

He also notes that the guitar piece, rather than being based on any particular inspiration, was written with a goal in mind. In this case, it was written for this masterclass – but that comes with a broader perspective: “even when you’re uninspired you can still create if you have a goal in mind.”


Across the workshop, Wan also dives into his techniques for filming, editing, and presentation – take a look at the full class above.

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