Sadowsky launches compact bass preamp pedals

Both the SPD-1 and -2 feature tech that's been familiar to Sadowsky players for over two decades.

NYC’s Sadowsky Guitars has launched the SPB-1 and SPB-2 Bass Preamp Pedals, offering bass players the renowned Sadowsky preamp electronics in two new, portable enclosures.

Sadowsky Bass Preamp Pedal SPB-1

Sadowsky SPB 1

The SPB-1 combines the respected Sadowsky preamp that has been included in every Sadowsky-made bass for the last 25 years and also includes a convenient D.I box, allowing it to be used in front of the amplifier or to connect your beloved bass directly to front of house. Controls are kept to a minimum with a simple three-band EQ of treble, volume and bass, and the treble and bass only work as a boost. Sadowsky claim the SPB-1 Bass Preamp is ideal for upgrading old and/or vintage instruments where you don’t want to remove the original electronics. The best results are achieved with passive basses or circuits with active pickups where you can bypass the active electronics.


Price $299

Sadowsky Bass Preamp Pedal SPB-2

Sadowsky SPB 2

Similar to the SPB-1, the SPB-2 also includes the Sadowsky preamp but ditches the D.I element, instead opting for the simple three band EQ that’s also featured on the SPB-1. Sadowsky states that tt also works well with all upright bass pickups.

Price $219.90

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