The Saturator is the latest DIY overdrive from Mod Kits

Time to dig out the soldering iron.

Mod Kits has unveiled the Saturator, its latest DIY kit that offers a simple-but-effective set of overdrive sounds.

As the name suggests, the pedal can output a saturated snarl, but backing off on the Soak knob can turn the Saturator into a completely clean boost, with up to 30dB on tap. The symmetrical soft clipping controlled by the Soak knob, can sweep the pedal though “subtle-to-heavy saturated overdrive sounds and straight into distortion territory”.

The kit comes with a pre-drilled enclosure, and supports both external nine-volt power or an internal battery.


Mod Kits rates the pedal’s build difficulty as “2/5” – so the Saturator might be a great entry point to pedal-building if you’re a soldering novice. Take a look at the internals of the pedals below:

The Internals of the Mod Kits Saturator
Image: Mod Kits DIY

Mod Kits offers a range of DIY effects, from reverbs to drives to fuzzes – all varying in their difficulty to build.

Watch AmplifiedParts demonstrate the pedal below:

The Saturator is available for $47.95 through More information at