Sheptone releases brand-new Tribute 2 pickups

A set of PAF humbuckers that delivers warm, soft tones.

Sheptone has unveiled its latest offering: the Tribute 2 Humbucker Set. The pickups are designed to replicate the classic warm tone of a Gibson PAF humbucker, but they come with a unique personality of their own.

A key feature of the pickups’ build is the Alnico II degaussed magnets. These have a lower magnetic pull that contributes to excellent dynamics on the bridge pup and eliminates muddier, darker tones at the neck. The pups are also scatter-wound, which creates more “air space in the coil, enabling more treble to come through and slightly increasing the resonant peak of the pickup”, according to the brand.

In terms of hardware, Sheptone’s new pickups boast butyrate bobbins, nickel silver base plates, long feet, and vintage braided lead wire.

The pups can be customised in a variety of configurations, including wiring, potting, bobbin colours, and cover finishes.

Retails at $129 (single) and $249 (set). More information at sheptone.com.

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