Sinasoid announces its new Sable series of cables

Including full-length and patch cables.

Sinasoid Sable

Image: Sinasoid

Sinasoid Cables has announced its latest range of cables, entitled the Sable.

The cable features a black finish, with a matte finish that the brand says “wraps very easily.” Adhesion is a key point here as well, with Sinasoid noting that the cable has a grippy property meaning that it’ll remain where you want it to on stage, as opposed to having it slither around and trip you up.

However, the slight texture isn’t quite as rough as Sinasoid’s Slate series of cables, and so the Sable is described as a “middle-ground” between a gloss-finished cable and the grippy Slate cables.

In terms of the cable’s internals, it features both a braided copper shield and conductive carbon electrostatic shield, meaning that rogue interference shouldn’t be picked up by the cable All copper used is tinned beforehand, to help it resist corroding.

The cable is available as either a patch cable or as a full-length cable, with patch cable pricing starting at $27.99 and full-length pricing starting at $53.99. Find out more at

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