SolidGoldFX launches the EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo, a compact but extensive delay

Looking for some old-school tape echo sounds with a twist?

SolidGoldFX has introduced its latest effect, the EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo. The unit offers a broad range of sounds, going from clean modern sounds to pitch-fluttering retro-ness.

The pedal’s large set of controls bears knobs for delay time, repeat feedback, mix level, flutter amount and the colour of the repeats. The flutter knob adjusts the modulation in a rather unique way, or, more accurately: in two ways. At noon, there’s no modulation applied, however, dialled left there’s a “slow dreamy chorus” sound and dialled right there’s a vaster vibrato for a more intense modulation sound.

The colour knob has a similar approach to dual functionality. At noon, no filtering is applied. Turned left, and it engages a low-pass filter, and right, a high-pass filter, offering dark, murky repeats or bright, lo-fi repeats respectively.

The central switch allows you to add in a signal an octave lower to the primary delay head, which can create more out-there sounds from rhythmic, bouncing delays to washed-out ambience. This same switch also lets you select between 1, 2 or 3 delay heads active, as well as engaging this octave effect.

The actual delay engine offers times from 70 to 1000 milliseconds, set with either the time knob or with the dedicated tap tempo footswitch.

Both the tap tempo and bypass footswitches have a secondary function: if you hold down the tap switch you increase the speed of the repeats until eventually, you slide into self-oscillation. If you hold the bypass switch down, the pedal replicates the sound of a tape motor breaking and the tape reel snapping. If you hold both you’re given “glorious noise seances that will act as the perfect song/set closer.”

The EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo lists for $209 / £199 and is available now. Find out more at solidgoldfx.com.

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