Squier revamps Contemporary series with new unique Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jaguar models

Need a more aggressive take on a classic design?

Squier has revealed its revamped Contemporary series, its line of electric guitars that bring classic Fender designs and modern, heavy-focused features together.

New for 2021 are:

Contemporary Stratocaster Special

The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special
Image: Squier


This guitar sports a few interesting twists on the Strat format. Mainly, the middle pickup has been moved closer to the bridge for “a unique variety of dynamically responsive settings.” It also features a roasted maple neck and sculpted neck heel, along with a two-point tremolo.

The guitar comes in either black or Sky Burst Metallic lists for $429.99 / £349 / €399.

Contemporary Stratocaster Special Hard Tail

The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT
Image: Squier

With the same unique pickup arrangement as the other Contemporary Stratocaster Special, only with a string-through hardtail bridge this time, and two different available finishes: Pearl White and Sunset Metallic.

$429.99 / £349 / €399

Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR

The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster FR HH
Image: Squier


When there’s Neon Pink on display as well as a floating Floyd Rose Tremolo, things are of course going to be geared towards shred. Bright, classic rock tones can be achieved thanks to the coil-tapping five-way switch, and upper-fret access shouldn’t be an issue thanks to the sculpted neck heel.

The guitar is offered in Shell Pink Pearl and Gunmetal Metallic, and lists for $449.99 /£369 / €429.

Contemporary Telecaster RH

The Squier Contemporary Telecaster
Image: Squier

The bound roasted maple neck isn’t the only eye-catching thing about this Tele – with black hardware and a painted headstock, as well as a rail humbucker in the bridge and a Squier Atomic humbucker in the neck.

It’s available in Pearl White, Shoreline Gold, and Gunmetal Metallic, and lists for $429.99 / £349 / €399.

Contemporary Jaguar HH ST

The Squier Contemporary Jaguar
Image: Squier

This guitar is a rock-solid take on the Jaguar, with two Atomic humbuckers and coil-tap and series/parallel switching on its upper control plate. A sculpted neck-heel also adds a touch of contemporary playability to the design.

$449.99 / £369 / €429

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