Stone Deaf FX launches the QBoost

Combining a versatile preamp with a parametric frequency booster

Stone Deaf's QBoost

Image: Stone Deaf FX

Stone Deaf has launched the QBoost, a pedal that combines a preamp and a parametric frequency booster.

The unit consists of two footswitches, a single toggle switch and two amp-style knobs. The left-side footswitch and knob engages and controls the level of the preamp, while those on the right engage and control the frequency boost. The central toggle switch chooses between either a vintage or modern voice for the preamp: vintage being a more saturated, distorted boost in the vein of old-school treble-boosters, while the modern voice is a cleaner boost.

The frequency boost ranges all the way from 35hz to 6khz, covering the bass-treble spectrum when it comes to guitar-centric frequencies. Stone Deaf FX describes the Q (or, the shape of the frequency hump) as “medium”, meaning no awkward, resonant harshness should come from using more extreme settings.

The combination of the preamp and frequency boost means that the pedal has a large number of applications – for example, pushing an amp into break-up with the preamp side and cutting through the mix for a solo with the frequency side. It could also be paired with other drive or fuzz pedals to bring out more focused, filtered sounds from them.

The pedal features true-bypass switching and top-mounted jacks, and lists for £170. Find out more at

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