Strymon’s new Conduit is a compact hub that makes your pedalboard MIDI-capable

It's a rugged MIDI box for your 'board for $149.

Strymon wants to make your pedalboards MIDI-capable with the launch of its latest utility pedal, the Conduit.

MIDI is becoming more and more ubiquitous in modern setups – be it in a home rig, or in a live situations where a band syncs up to a performance-centric DAW such as Ableton Live.

With the Conduit, it’s easy to slap one onto your ‘board so you can control your entire rig via an external controller.


The Conduit has a very Strymon-like build, and measures just 7.2cm deep, 9cm wide and 3.8cm tall. It has four quarter-inch TRS MIDI jacks, each capable of sending and receiving MIDI data, as well as a single opto-isolated five-pin DIN MIDI interface with an input and output.

Aside from that, it connects via USB-C and is ready to use out of the box, according to Strymon.

Of course, since many Strymon pedals – such as the NightSky, Iridium and Volante – are already prepped for MIDI controls, you can hook them up to the Conduit without having to configure them.

Check out Strymon’s demo of the Conduit below:

The Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub is available now for $149.


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