Strymon’s upcoming pedal will allegedly be called Zelzah and be a “multidimensional phaser”

Users from The Gear Page unearthed what appears to be a logo for the pedal on Strymon’s website.

Strymon has been teasing a new purple pedal on its social media platforms since last week. The brand plans to finally unveil the pedal later today (24 August).

Several users from the The Gear Page have unearthed from Strymon’s website what appears to be a logo for a pedal called “Zelzah” described as a “Multidimensional phaser”.

Another user shared an Imgur gallery of a pedal bearing the same name, picturing a stereo dual-phaser with 4- and 6-stage options with switchable sweep and resonance options. What’s interesting is the image seems to suggest both footswitches can be engaged together – possibly for a 10-stage phaser.


Strymon Zelzah via Imgur
An image of the alleged pedal shared by a user of The Gear Page / Image: The Gear Page via Imgur

Strymon began teasing the purple mystery last Wednesday (18 August) with an Instagram post of the pedal partially concealed by a can of compressed air.

Later posts have hinted at the pedal’s controls and MIDI connectivity, leading to speculation that the effect will be a filter of some kind. Guesses from users in the comments section of Strymon’s Instagram posts have spanned everything from a Q-tron recreation to a fuzz-filter dual pedal.


Strymon’s pedals typically come in two types of enclosures: a square, dual-footswitch one or a longer design with three footswitches for more complex effects. The purple mystery is of the former category and is, notably, expected to be the second purple pedal in the brand’s line-up after the Orbit flanger.

Last year, Strymon introduced the Nightsky, a time-warped reverberator and the latest in its Sky range of reverb effects.

We’ll just have to wait to see what the brand has up its sleeve. The official announcement is said to go out at noon (Pacific Time) on 24 August.