Summer NAMM 2019: Dunlop unveils Jimi Hendrix-themed ’69 Psych series of micro pedals

Three fuzzes and a Leslie-esque chorus in pedalboard-friendly sizes.

Dunlop has launched four new micro pedals that’ll prick the ears of all Hendrix fans.

The Authentic Hendrix ’69 Psych series comprises the Fuzz Face Distortion, Octavio Fuzz, Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato and Band Of Gypsies Fuzz. All the slim stompboxes sport trippy graphics designed by ILOVEDUST, a frequent collaborator to Dunlop, have true bypass, and are powered by nine-volt batteries.

The Fuzz Face combines silicon and germanium chips, the silicon-based Octavio has an octave-up button for those screeching wails, and the Band Of Gypsies is a “bitingly aggressive” fuzzbox with – unlike the other two fuzzes – a tone control. Lastly, the Uni-Vibe delivers the warbly, Leslie-esque chorus tones the guitar hero is known for.


All four pedals will be available in September. For more info, check