Summer NAMM 2019: Get in the summer mood with Fender’s new accessories

New straps, pickups and more.

Fender has released a bevy of accessories to get you in the summer groove. These include festival-themed straps on top of new electronics and strings. Here are the highlights:

Festival straps

Leading this festival-branded collection are limited-edition instrument straps that nod to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with official festival logos and artwork. Other straps in the range include the 2-inch woven straps – with a colourful mosaic design – as well as the 2.5-inch Suede Fringe straps that sport vintage-style fringes.

The Woodstock strap lists at £14.99, the 2-inch strap at £21.99, and the 2.5-inch suede strap at £89.99.

New electronics


Fender has added a variety of electric and acoustic pickups to its catalogue. Of note is the Tim Shaw-designed Cypress single-coil for acoustic guitars. This pup features a ceramic-magnet design that includes Fender’s Field Diffuser, which is a component that “tempers the magnetic field around the treble strings for sweet high-end and balanced output”, according to Fender.

Also new to the electronics department are the pre-wired pickguards. Formulated from premium Fender components, these are meant to be installed easily with a convenient drop-in method. All you have to do is to remove the old pickguard, solder both output jack and ground wires, and drop in your new pickguard.

The Cypress single-coil lists at £44.99, while the pre-wired pickguards list from £149 to £319.

Classic Core Strings

As its name suggests, this set of strings produce to ‘classic’ Fender tone. This is achieved with the use of vintage-spec’ed round core wire in place of the hexagonal type used for most modern strings. The strings are also touted to give you a seasoned feel while still catering for articulation and expressive bends.

Lists from £7.99 to £11.99.

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