Sunn O))) are selling their own personal collection of gear in new Reverb shop

Russian Big Muffs, a 1968 Fender Bandmaster and a range of the band’s own creations are just some of the gear listed on the website.

Since their formation in 1998, Sunn O))) have become widely recognised as drone metal pioneers – largely due to their experimental approach to music gear. Now, those looking to also push the envelope in their music will be pleased to hear that the band have opened an online store, selling a range of items taken from their own collection.

Announced yesterday (August 24), a spokesperson for the online marketplace Reverb confirmed that the drone metal band will be parting ways with a wide range of their personal gear, including rare first-editions of the Life Pedal – made as part of the band’s collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices.

Named as units 944 and 960 by the band’s guitarist Greg Anderson, the pedals are two of just a thousand models in existence and come complete with all of their original packaging.


Alongside pedals from the band’s collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices, the store also features a fuzz pedal used by Sunn O))) in their albums, Life Metal and Pyroclasts, named the Shin-ei Companion JAX Fuzz Wah 8Tr.

An Electro-Harmonix Sovtek Tall Font Big Muff and Civil War Big Muff V7 are also listed on the site and are said to have been used by Anderson as part of his most recent solo album, Forest Nocturne, which was released under the pseudonym The Lord earlier this year.

Not merely pedals listed, the band are also selling a collection of other music gear, including their 1968 Fender Bandmaster amplifier. “I think all the black panel Fender amps from the ’60s are great,” Anderson states, explaining why he was first drawn to the amp in question. “I read somewhere that these old Fender amps inspired Conrad Sundholm to create the early Sunn amps. I used this amp with a recent project of mine called This White Light”.

Although having been open for less than twenty-four hours, the store already seems to have attracted a rapid sense of intrigue from fans, with many of the items already selling out. Now, those looking to combine a more experimental, gritty sound into their playing are advised to act quick, as it is looking as though the store is set to sell out completely, less than two days since it first opened.

Find the remaining collection of Sunn O))) items for sale in the band’s Reverb shop.