Supro reaches for the stars with dual-channel Galaxy amp

The 50-watter is branded as the boutique company’s “most versatile amp to date”.

Supro Galaxy Head white background

Supro has unveiled the Galaxy, a dual-channel amp touted as the most versatile of the brand’s amplifiers.

This 50-watter’s clean channel is identical to the one featured in Supro’s Keeley-modded 1970rk amp. The overdrive channel, in comparison, has the fingerprints of legendary tube amp guru Bruce Zinky. The Galaxy is available in a head or 1×12 combo, both of which are stackable with companion 1×12 and 4×12 extension cabs.

Two channels

Supro Galaxy combo front
The Galaxy 1×12 combo

The channels derive their tonal flavour from two 6L6GC / 5881 power tubes and these preamp tubes: four ECC83Ss, one ECC81 and one ECC832.

As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy’s clean channel has been ported over from Supro’s pedal-friendly amp collab with Keeley. Not only is this channel geared towards pristine cleans and high headroom, it’s also designed to effectively handle effect pedals and drop-tuned guitars well. You’ll be able to sculpt the amp’s cleans easily with two controls: volume and tone.

Switching over to the OD channel, you’ll be greeted with more than enough gain – according to Supro – that can be summoned for both edge-of-breakup tone and complex tube saturation. Drive-sculpting comes in the form of master and gain controls as well as a three-band EQ.

Extra features

For an added wash, you can engage the amp’s in-built tube-driven reverb formulated on six springs. Should you also need an injection of tone, the amp supplies you with a footswitchable boost function.

Round the amp’s back, you’ll find an all-tube FX loop stage. A special quality about this component is its “perfectly buffered signal” that promises optimised interaction with stompboxes and multi-effects pedals.


Supro Galaxy combo back

The Galaxy comes in either a head or 1×12 combo. The latter format boasts a single Eminence CV75 Redcoat speaker that Supro selected for its vintage British voice.

If the head or combo versions don’t suffice, you can stack them with Supro’s companion extension cabinets that feature the same Eminence speaker as the combo.

The 1777 Galaxy 4×12 cab arrives with a three-part hybrid design, comprising an oversized, ‘half-back’ design, a vintage-flavoured open-angled top and a closed-back bottom that’ll reproduce punchy low-ends. As for output settings, this cab is rated at 300 watts in mono but can be dialled back to 150 watts – per side – in stereo.

The 1777’s smaller sibling is the 1797 1×12 Galaxy cab. For this unit, Supro has opted for a partially open-back design inspired by Jimmy Page’s late-50s modified Supro Coronado, an amp that was famously used on Led Zeppelin I.

Hear Galaxy in action below:

Prices for Galaxy and its extension cabinets are as follows:

  • Head: $1,299
  • Combo: $1,499
  • 4×12 cab: $999
  • 1×12 cab: $499

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