Supro’s new Flanger pedal offers up double analogue modulation

It’s fully stereo, with a Dimension switch for a deeper image even in mono.

Supro has introduced its new stereo Flanger effects pedal.

The Supro Flanger is fully analogue, using four MN3009 Bucket Brigade chips for a rich and high-headroom flanger sound. Controls on the face of the pedal allow tweaking of speed, width, depth and sweep.

The feedback control sets the amount of resonance in the circuit – there’s none when the knob is set to noon. Turning the control clockwise increases the amount of positive feedback, and turning it anti-clockwise increases the amount of negative feedback. The sweep control increases the delay time on one side of the stereo image, and decreases it on the other.


There is also a small switch to engage the pedal’s Dimension mode. This feeds the two stereo channels into each other, creating a large, deep sound even when the pedal is being used in mono.

It features a tall enclosure and top-mounted jacks, and runs off standard 9V DC power.

Hear it in action below.

The Supro Flanger lists for $289. Find out more at