TC Electronic’s Paul Gilbert MojoMojo overdrive goes to 11

The voice selection switch has been changed for one that engages a much bigger gain boost.

TC Electronic has been launching new or updated guitar pedals every Friday for a while now, and this week’s iteration is here: an official collaboration with Paul Gilbert on a new version of its MojoMojo overdrive.

Aesthetic updates include a new purple enclosure and the addition of Gilbert’s name below the pedal’s. But the main changes are internal: Paul Gilbert has been a long-time user of the MojoMojo, but always used the same voice setting on the original. So now, the central toggle switch no longer chooses between two voices: instead, it takes the pedal up to ‘11’, adding extra attack and gain.

Other controls remain the same, with knobs for level, drive, bass and treble for straightforward tweaking of your gain sound. TC Electronic describes it as “like the perfect chicken tender, combining juicy and crunchy in the most delicious way possible!”

Now with just one voice, the pedal has also been slightly tweaked to provide an overdrive sound for Gilbert’s taste. Alongside this the internal operating voltage has been increased, allowing for much higher headroom.

The launch of the pedal follows that of the Zeus Drive, TC Electronics’ take on the Klon-style transparent overdrive, and the Magus Pro, a smaller version of its Magus distortion, itself a Rat-style distortion pedal.

You can hear Gilbert demo the new MojoMojo Paul Gilbert edition overdrive below.

The pedal features soft true bypass switching, side-mounted jacks and a price tag of just $69. Find out more at tcelectronic.com.


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