Teisco puts out charming pedal activity book and contest for a Heritage guitar

Each page’s surreal artwork is inspired by the wonderful world of guitar effects.

Teisco has offered a bit of fun for guitar players stuck in self-quarantine, launching a new pedal colouring and design activity book. Along with this, the Singapore based device maker has tagged on a contest in which the most “creative and fun” entry takes home a gorgeous Heritage Guitars LP-style.

The Teisco Activity Book is filled with surreal art inspired by the wonderful world of guitar pedals. Each page features an outlined design that’s meant to be coloured in with appropriate levels of creativity and fun that its quirky artwork inspires. Take a look below.

Teisco Activity Book Page 2
Image: Teisco


Towards the end of the book is the Design Your Own Pedal page, which the company is hosting its pedal design contest for. Entrants are asked to come up with their very own effector – deciding what the knobs will do, and adorning the blank stencil with their creative flair.

Download the Teisco Activity Book here, or grab a screenshot from Teisco’s Facebook or Instagram Story.

Teisco has said that it will be looking for “the most creative and fun entry” to take home the grand prize of a Heritage H-150 Dirty Lemon Burst electric guitar – a Seymour Duncan 59’ equipped LP style that drips with Kalamazoo vibes.

A contest winner will be declared at the end of May. To enter the contest, caption your entry on Instagram with the #myteiscopedal and tag Teisco at @weareteisco.

Learn more at teisco.com

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[Ed’s note: Teisco is owned by BandLab Technologies, which also owns Guitar.com]