Click into your favourite guitar knob positions with ThatKlick Classic

A haptic click can be felt when arriving at a saved sweet spot.

ThatKlick Classic Knobs

Image: That Klick

ThatKlick Classic is a guitar replacement knob with a mechanism that lets players save and recall their favourite pot positions on their guitars.

After dialling in an ideal volume or tone setting (or even blend control), a low-profile switch, emerging from the knob’s underside, can be pushed in and clicked to save that position. After which, a haptic click can be felt each time the knob arrives at the saved sweet spot, while still allowing the knob to spin freely.

To undo a setting, just pull out the low-profile switch; simple as that.

These knobs could be especially useful for players that like to use their guitar’s volume controls to dial in drive tones in tandem with the amplifier, allowing for a tonal sweet spot to be recalled easily. Take a look at a demonstration video below.

According to the company, the knobs are compatible with the most electric guitars models, fitting the split-shaft and solid shaft potentiometers as commonly found on Fender, Gibson and Ibanez instruments.

Installation is fairly simple as well and performed on a ‘pop on and tighten’ basis. But in cases where you have to remove your guitar’s pickguard in order to clear out existing hardware, a set of instructions, as well as tools, come included.

ThatKlick Classic knobs are offered in white or black, with either gold or silver hardware, and start at $20.99.

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