The GE300 is Mooer’s new flagship multi-effects processor

Amp modelling, IR cab sims, a synth engine and intuitive Tone Capture modes.

Mooer GE300 hero

Back at NAMM 2019, Mooer unveiled a swanky addition to its GE range: the GE300 multi-effects processor. The unit has now been released, arriving with an expansive selection of digital amps, IR-based cab sims, a polyphonic synth engine and more. Here are the highlights:

An arsenal of digital options

Building on the GE200’s feature set, this new device is stocked with a total of 108 digital amp models, 43 IR-based cab sims and 164 effects. What has piqued our interest is the GE300’s three-voice polyphonic synth module, a component that can turn your guitar into a synth.

Each of the synth module’s voices can be tweaked, with options such as waveform, pitch, filters and arpeggiators all on the plate. The diagram below provides a clearer picture of the signal path:

Mooer GE300 signal path

Tone Capture

For users of Mooer’s Preamp Live amp modeller, this feature should ring a bell. It’s now been integrated into the GE300 with three different modes: Amp, Guitar and Cab.

  • Amp mode: Sample and capture your own amp’s tonal character
  • Guitar mode: Model your instrument’s EQ profile
  • Cab mode: Sample speaker cabs and create your own IR files

Controls and I/Os

Mooer GE300 connections

Onboard the G300, you’ll find 10 customisable footswitches, a configurable stereo effects loop – with the option for signal chain routing – as well as an in-built looper with up to 30 minutes of recording.

This multi-fx unit also boasts a comprehensive range of I/Os, including a 1/4-inch instrument input – with a line level switch – two 1/4-inch outs and two balanced XLR outs. These are joined by a Type-B USB point, a headphone out as well as MIDI ins and outs.

Check out the GE300’s amp modelling capabilities below:

Available at £749.99. More info at


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