You can now own a custom relic’d PRS Silver Sky

The Guitar Sanctuary’s Custom Aged treatment will set you back $400.

Custom gear specialist The Guitar Sanctuary has unveiled a relic’d version of John Mayer’s signature guitar, the PRS Silver Sky.

This particular Silver Sky model is “custom aged”, which provides the instrument with “more vintage vibe, feel and tone”, according to The Guitar Sanctuary. While there are no details of the actual ageing process, you’ll observe that artificial ageing has been applied to guitar’s front and back as well as its tremolo springs. However, the rosewood fretboard, maple neck and pickguard appear to be untouched.

The Guitar Sanctuary PRS Silver Sky John Mayer custom aged


This isn’t The Guitar Sanctuary’s first relic offering. Previously, the company listed a custom-aged Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Thinline.

Available at $2,699, which represents a $400 top-up from the Silver Sky’s original retail price. More info at