This limited-edition Warwick Corvette $$ bass lives up to its name

Available in both Masterbuilt and Teambuilt categories.

Every year, Warwick picks a bass model from its production line and gives it the limited-edition treatment. 2019’s selection is the Corvette $$ bass, which has been upgraded with a natural satin Californian buckeye burl top and a swamp ash body sporting multi-colour chrome acrylic designs.

The Corvette $$ bass LTD will be offered in both Masterbuilt and Teambuilt editions, each category having two options: four- and five-string. A key difference between the two editions is in the neck construction: the Masterbuilt model features a double buck neck-thru design while the Teambuilt model has a bolt-on neck.

As for electronics, both Masterbuilt and Teambuilt models are loaded with two passive MEC MM-style humbuckers. These pups are wired to four controls – volume, balance, treble and bass – an active MEC two-way switch as well as a pair of three-way mini-switches. The latter toggles between these wiring options: series, parallel or single-coil.


On the hardware front, the Masterbuilt model comes fitted with Schaller tuners, while the Teambuilt piece sports Warwick machine heads. Both versions feature a two-piece Warwick bridge.

The 2019 Corvette $$ bass LTD is limited to just 25 Masterbuilt and 50 Teambuilt instruments.

Available from July, prices detailed below:

  • Masterbuilt, four-string: €4,499
  • Masterbuilt, five-string: €4,899
  • Teambuilt, four-string: €2,499
  • Teambuilt, five-string: €2,599

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