Thorpy FX unveils new compact fuzz pedal: The Boneyard

Is this the ultimate Tonebender fuzz?

The Boneyard Fuzz has been unveiled by Thorpy FX as a pedal that covers all of the Tonebender variants, while expanding on the legacy to “deliver more volume, lower noise” and “more flexibility”.

The Boneyard has four controls for Level, Attack, Feed and Tone, with a Mode switch allowing the user to select between the two-transistor topologies seen in earlier units and the three-transistor circuits that were more commonly followed.

On Instagram, ThorpyFX founder Adrian Thorpe regarded The Boneyard as a “vanity project”, and “a culmination of learned and inspired knowledge”.


The pedal dons the classic laser etched illustration and logo on high-polished steel, and is built using 1% metal film resistors, Wima and Panasonic capacitors, and Neutrik jacks, coupled with gold plated PCB and dust sealed potentiometers.

This new release comes after the Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser Vibrato.

After spending a number of years gathering enough germanium transistors to build this pedal, Thorpe calls The Boneyard “a true chameleon of a fuzz pedal”.

“This is my interpretation of what the ultimate Tonebender™ would sound like,” Thorpe has said

“I wanted one pedal to be able to cover off all the bender™ variants in one small pedalboard friendly footprint. THE BONEYARD is designed to provide you with a supremely versatile foot switchable vintage germanium fuzz pedal that evokes the sounds of everything from the 1960s forward”.

Since it’s release on 1st March, it has since sold out and there are no plans for it to be restocked due to the amount of time it took to collect the transistors.


The limited stock was available at £299.

For more information visit the ThorpyFX website