ThorpyFX takes the plunge with Heavy Water Dual High Headroom booster

Compact stomper ports over The Dane’s popular clean boost.

ThorpyFX has debuted Heavy Water, a dual boost pedal birthed from requests for The Dane’s high-headroom clean boost to be repackaged in a standalone format. Heavy Water offers this very boost alongside a grittier boost that’s coloured by the pedal’s germanium diodes.

Heavy Water’s two boosts can be deployed independently – stomp on the right footswitch for The Dane and step on the left for the dirtier boost. Both boosts can also be combined, should you need to slam the front-end of your tube amp.

The stomper sports four controls: two boost-level knobs and two “lows”. The latter two, as their names suggest, can be used to thicken the boost effect.


Retails at £189.99. More info at