ThorpyFX’s Scarlet Tunic puts a Selmer Treble N Bass 50 amplifier in a pedal

Modelled after the Selmer Treble N Bass 50 famously played by Syd Barrett.

ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic

Image: ThorpyFX

ThorpyFX’s latest pedal recreates a rare vintage Selmer amplifier, the Treble N Bass 50, perhaps most famously played by Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. These are the details on the new Scarlet Tunic.

Described as an analogue amp emulator that fits on your pedalboard and that’s able to work with the amp you already have, the Scarlet Tunic is promised to offer an authentic vintage amp experience.

According to ThorpyFX, the Scarlet Tunic also goes beyond Selmer tones: “As well as the Selmer Amp we also ensured that the DR103 and AC30 style tones could be captured successfully. Fitted with a high-quality transformer, the pedal reacts to your playing and distorts like a full-size amplifier.”

Controls include a master volume knob, a gain control as well as treble, bass and presence parameters to let you shape your tone. It’s said that the pedal’s range of drive delivers tones from “lightly crispy” to “full-on amp saturation” – more on that in the demo from AndyDemos below.

There are also three switches that dramatically adjust the behavior of the pedal: Deep affects the low-end; Bright makes changes to the top-end, and Sens alters the gain characteristics in order to replicate the experience of two-input vintage amps, albeit with three gain levels.

ThorpyFX explained the Scarlet Tunic came about when Lee Harris (who plays guitar in Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets) approached the company about emulating the Selmer Treble N Bass 50 in pedal form.

“[Lee] wanted a pedal to provide him with the vintage amp tones Syd Barret used in early Pink Floyd music,” a description explained. “This was so that he could sound authentic whilst playing on the Saucerful of Secrets World Tour. In the pedal development we made sure that the Selmer was covered tonally but as always, we went further than the initial scope of design.”

The Scarlet Tunic is available at £265.

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