Tone King’s Imperial MKII to be available as a head and cab

Also featuring multiple colour options.

Building on the Imperial MKII combo – released at Winter NAMM 2015 – Tone King has now unveiled head and cab options with similar features in a more flexible configuration.

Here’s more info on the new offerings:

Imperial MKII Head


The Imperial MKII Head was designed to offer the original amp’s vintage-voiced tube amp tones in a more versatile package. It allows you to pair the 22-watt head amp with your own favourite speakers and cabs for a tone tailored to your play style.

The Imperial MKII head features two channels: a rhythm channel based on Blackface-styled amps and a lead channel inspired by tweed models.

The design retains the Ironman II power attenuator which ensures you achieve tube-driven tones at any volume. It has 6-step attenuation, making the amp ideal for settings ranging from a gig to your bedroom. The head also has a Rhythm Bypass switch that allows you to toggle between clean and overdriven tones seamlessly.

The Imperial MKII Head also retains the original’s tube-driven reverb and bias-modulated tremolo to maintain its American voice. The former can thicken up your tone or provide a lush delay, while the latter aims to supply vintage-style pulsating sounds.

Imperial 1×12 Speaker Cab

Released together with the Imperial MKII Head, this cabinet has been tuned to get the most out of the new amp. The 60-watt, semi-open back design has a 12″ Celestion speaker which is touted to deliver a rich midrange, detailed top-end and warm low end. The cabinet is hand-built using Baltic birch and is available in a variety of finishes – as is the head amp – detailed below.


Both the Imperial MKII Head and Imperial 1×12 Speaker Cab will be available from 7 June, in Black, Cream, Turquoise and Brown/Beige finishes.

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