Tonetuga Fx’s new pedal wants to be your be-all and end-all dirtbox

The Clockwork MultiDriver boasts boost, sustain, fuzz and distortion.

tonetuga fx clockwork multidriver

Tonetuga Fx has released the Clockwork MultiDriver, a dirt pedal that combines elements of multiple drive units in one. According to the brand, it’ll take you from transparent treble boost to gritty distortion to hairy sustain.

Onboard the pedal, you’ll find a classic three-knob layout of volume, tone and gain. What’s interesting about these controls, however, is that they’re designed to work in tandem with one another, rather than serve independent sonic roles. They are inspired by “the synchronous inner-workings of a grandfather clock”, says Tonetuga Fx.

Setting gain to a lower setting yields a treble booster, combining mid gain with high volume produces a crunchy distortion and a high gain/high volume setting unleashes a fuzz face lead tone.

Additionally, the MultiDriver features a not-so-secret glitch setting. With the pedal’s gain maxed out, adjust your guitar volume to a ‘1-2’ setting for destructive sounds. Alternatively, you may push your guitar volume to ‘3’ for a filtered, bit-crushed fuzz tone. The brand recommends placing the pedal at the start of your signal chain to achieve these glitch/fuzz sounds.

Retails at $165. More info at


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