TunaTone Instruments and Heidemann Guitars team up for new proprietary palm-based vibrato

Canadian luthier Leila Sidi of TunaTone Instruments has teamed up with Max Heidemann of Heidemann Guitars in Germany to create a new proprietary vibrato tailpiece for TunaTone’s guitars.

Sidi said of the design: “We were curious to design a particularly ergonomic system. The Palm Vibrato is a palm actuated vibrato system that allows players to achieve lush flutters and warbles while keeping their hand in their natural and intuited playing position.”

TunaTone's Palm Vibrato
Image: TunaTone


The Palm Vibrato was designed specifically for TunaTone’s TeenyTuna, a Gibson-scale lightweight singlecut with a single pickup in the neck position.

The vibrato itself features a wooden bar that sits elevated over the strings, giving your palm a comfortable place to rest as you play. There’s also a locking system that lets you quickly hold the vibrato bar in place, and have your instrument function as a hardtail – no tools required.

Hear the system in action with a demo from Tasteful Guitar below.

Find out more over at tunatoneinstruments.com.