NAMM 2021: Vox introduces new Bobcat semi-hollows and Mini Go portable amps

The new Bobcats come in some sleek new finishes.

Vox Bobcat V90 Bigsby

Image: Vox Amps

NAMM 2021: Vox latest offerings include two new Bobcat semi-hollow guitar models and a line of new portable amplifiers called the Mini Go series.

Vox Bobcat V90 and S66 Bigsby

Vox Bobcat V66 and V90
Top: Vox V66 Bigsby, Bottom: Vox V90 Bigsby / Images: Vox Amps

Expanding on last year’s Bobcat models, the new V90 and S66 come with Bigsby tremolo systems and two sleek new finishes: Jet Black and Sapphire Blue.

Both guitars feature a maple plywood body with a weight-relieved spruce center block, a mahogany neck and an Indonesian ebony fretboard. The set necks on both have a 25”-scale length.

The Bobcat V90 Bigsby is loaded with a pair of VOX V90 soapbar pickups and two sets of volume and tone controls. Meanwhile, the S66 Bigsby has a trio of VOX S66 single-coils, three volume knobs and a tone control.

Each finish is also paired to a different tremolo system, Jet Black models come with a black Bigsby B700 while Blue Sapphire comes with a Bigsby B70.

The Bobcat V90 and S66 are both priced at $2,139.99.

Mini-Go Portable Amplifiers

Vox’s Mini Go amps are portable amps in three sizes: three-watt, 10-watt and 50-watt. They offer 10 onboard amp models running off Vox’s VET technology, a 40-second looper, 33 built-in rhythms and a range of effects to boot. They can \ be powered either via a wall socket or with your own external USB battery.

The Vox Mini Go 3, Vox Mini Go 10 and Vox Mini-Go 50 are available at $169.99, $229.99 and $299.99, respectively. You can also purchase a VFS3 three-button footswitch separately for $69.99.

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