Walrus Audio launches CANVAS Series Mono and Stereo Line Isolator/DI boxes

These rainbow-striped dreams have just been launched and could give you the most pristine base yet to deliver your music to any crowd.

Walrus Audio has announced the brand new Canvas Series Mono And Stereo Line Isolator DI Boxes, availabe to buy today (5 April).

The Canvas Mono and Stereo can be used to convert your unbalanced signals into balanced signals for interfacing properly with your recording interface or mixer at front-of-house. If you’re using a direct guitar rig, perhaps something such as the Walrus Audio ACS1, then the Canvas LI/DIs are your new bridges to the front-of-house.

The Canvas Series DIs condense everything you need into a standard pedal sized box that will fit perfectly on your board and their dashing rainbow stripes will make them fit right in with any other wacky coloured stomp boxes on the rig.

After many years of delivering on tone-painting devices, Walrus aims to give guitarists a sonic foundation to work with in order to optimise their performances in any live space with these new LI/DI boxes.

The Canvas Mono and Stereo are packaged in an aluminium enclosure with an exact size of 4.77” x 2.6” x 1.39”. They’re voiced for a flat frequency response from 20Hz-20kHz. A sum switch allows for output channel summing and thru channel options plus an Enabled a -15dB input pad (in DI mode) to minimise distortion. There is a ground lift which can aid the reduction of any hum and custom-wound transformers for low total harmonic distortion and full frequency response.

If you fancy getting your hands on one ahead of your summer gigs, The Canvas Mono is up for a retail price of $149 and the Canvas Stereo is at $249.

You can go to the Walrus Audio website here to find out more and grab one for yourself, but these new launches can also be found with authorised dealers globally.

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