Walrus Audio’s Mako D1 V2 adds stereo width control, USB firmware upgrades

The pedal’s core functionality remains unchanged.

Walrus Audio has upgraded its Mako D1 delay pedal to version two, adding in a handful of useful new features.

The pedal itself is a five-mode stereo delay pedal, offering Digital, Modulated, Vintage, Dual, and Reverse sounds. The core functionality of the pedal remains the same, with a central selector knob choosing between the different algorithms. There are knobs for time, repeats and mix, as well as Attack – which can soften the echoes’ transients to make way for your playing – and Tweak, a multi-function knob that offers deeper adjustment of your delay sound.

For version two, there’s an added stereo width control, which adjusts both allows panning and the Haas Stereo Effect, that is, a minuscule delay applied to one side of the signal to widen the sound.


The Vintage and Reverse algorithms have also been reworked, to provide a more accurate tape simulation and a “stronger” reverse effect respectively.

Version two also sees the addition of a USB port, which allows for future firmware updates.

The Mako D1 Delay V2 lists for $349. Find out more at walrusaudio.com.