Walrus Audio expands its modulation lineup with the Polychrome, an all-analogue flanger

Featuring the brand’s signature dry-wet blend knob.

Walrus Audio has launched a new flanger pedal, the Polychrome. The pedal bears a similar control layout to the brand’s Julia and Lillian modulation pedals, with a number of blending and mode options. Plus, there’s a multi-coloured Iguana.

The main takeover from the Julia and Lillian pedals is the dry blend knob. Similar to how the Julia allows you to blend between a completely dry signal, a chorus effect and a vibrato effect, and the Lillian allows the same for dry, phaser and vibrato sounds, the Polychrome’s ‘d-f-v’ knob lets you adjust between a fully dry signal, a flanger effect or just the wet signal for a unique pitch vibrato sound.

Walrus Audio Polychrome
Image: Walrus Audio


The signature sound of a flanger comes from the interaction between the modulated signal and the dry signal, and so being able to adjust the level of each allows for much deeper control over your sound.

Alongside this knob, there are also controls for rate, depth, feedback and sweep, and toggle switches for voice and shape. The voice toggle, when in the up position, engages a bolder flanger sound, with a more dramatic low-cut and modulating notch-filter. The shape toggle can engage a random LFO mode for a more chaotic modulation. A secondary LED also pulsates along with the LFO to give you a quick visual indication of your rate setting and what the LFO shape is up to.

The pedal also sports top-mounted audio and power jacks, soft-relay true-bypass switching and some of the brand’s most vibrant artwork to date.

The Polychrome lists for $199 / £179. Find out more at walrusaudio.com.