Walrus Audio’s Eras is a five-state distortion pedal brimming with high-gain character

Its gain flavours combine different EQ cuts with either silicon or LED hard clipping.

First there was the Ages, which delivered a roster of unique overdrives in a single pedal. Now, Walrus Audio has revisited the five-state formula with Eras, a pedal dedicated to the realm of high-gain distortion.

Eras is designed to chug, shred and deliver a diverse range of speaker-ripping sounds. A rotary switch lets you select from five different gain states, ranging from tight and responsive to warm and full.

Each profile combines well-thought-out EQ cuts with either LED or silicon clipping to deliver a unique flavour. You’ll be able to further shape your tone with the pedal’s five other knobs, which cover gain, treble and bass, as well as blend and volume.


The third position is a dual clipping mode that combines both silicon and LED hard clipping with a slight mid-cut for a full sound with loads of sustain. For a better idea of what to expect, check out the demo below.

That blend control could be especially handy if you’re planning on stacking drives atop drives, or if you’re playing a bass guitar and want to introduce just a touch of dirt to your signal.

The high-gain smorgasbord comes in an appropriately angry-looking enclosure, finished in red and sporting an “apocalyptical four-horned bull” who seems more disposed to handing out nightmares than wings.

The Eras is available now for $199.

Learn more at walrusaudio.com