Wampler Pedals launches the Plexi-Drive Mini, bringing massive gain to a tiny enclosure

Big gain, small pedal.

Wampler Pedals has unveiled the Plexi-Drive Mini, cramming a new and improved version of its classic British-styled gain box into a smaller enclosure.

The miniature housing features the same core circuitry as the bigger Plexi-Drive, with Volume, Gain and tone knobs offering intuitive overdrive shaping. For a bit more thump, the bass-boost toggle switch returns as well – described as the difference between a 2×12 and a 4×12 cabinet. The character of the gain is of course based on that on classic ’60s Marshall amps – think Clapton, Hendrix and Zeppelin.

New for the mini version is the mid-boost toggle switch, which according to Wampler “creates a powerful throaty tube-like boost by tweaking several gain stages of the circuit at once.” This boost behaviour was inspired by the common pairing of the Plexi-Drive with other overdrives, pushing the pedal’s character and gain into new territories – hence the mid-boost affects the gain stages rather than the overall output.


The Plexi Drive Mini will be available 20 November, listing for $149.97. Find out more at wamplerpedals.com.

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