Wampler’s Tumnus Deluxe gets a Spooky makeover

The pedal features the same boutique overdrive circuitry in a black and orange enclosure.

Wampler has launched the Spooky Tumnus Deluxe, a Halloween-themed version of its Tumnus Deluxe overdrive.

The pedal brings a new enclosure design, with a black-on-black jack-o-lantern and bat design, with the Wampler logo and pedal name in orange.

Inside the pedal is the same circuitry as the original, which means an active three-band EQ alongside the level and gain knobs. The central Hot switch will boost the pedal into a higher-gain mode. The pedal also allows for a choice between an articulate-sounding buffer, or true-bypass operation – depending on the needs of the rest of your rig, or if you just prefer the sound of Wampler’s buffer.


The active tone controls bring more shaping options to the clone-style overdrive on offer than other pedals, and now with the Spooky version, the pedal will fit right into an all-black pedalboard.

The pedal lists for $199.97, the same as the standard Tumnus Deluxe. Find out more at wamplerpedals.com