Watch: Billie Joe Armstrong introduces the MXR Dookie Drive

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MXR has announced the Dookie Drive, a collaboration with Green Day frontman and founder Billie Joe Armstrong which aims to recreate the sound of the band’s iconic 1994 album, Dookie.

In the video above Armstrong notes that the aim for the guitar sounds on both Dookie and Insomniac were to emulate their idols in Ramones, Sex Pistols and the like, aiming to “just get a good rock sound.”

To rediscover that Dookie sound, MXR used Armstrong’s own Marshall Plexi heads, aiming to copy the mid-scooped and mid-heavy amp sounds in unison. The pedal offers a blend control to move between both amps, turned all the way to the left is the Dookie sound, with it dialled all the way to right sounding more like Insomniac. It also features an additional scoop switch button.


The pedal retails for $189/£219. Head to for more.