Watch: Scott Buehl of the Fender Custom Shop introduces his acrylic Jazzmaster

The first acrylic offset from Buehl.

Fender has revealed the Mastebuilt Prestige collection, a set of models for 2021 that come from its Master Builders in the Fender Custom Shop. Among these is a rather unique Jazzmaster courtesy of Scott Buehl, with a body made entirely of acrylic.

Buehl’s has built acrylic guitars before – but only Stratocasters. This is the first incarnation of the approach in an offset format, with Buehl saying: “it seemed like it was time.”

Fender Custom Shop Scott Buehl Jazzmaster Acrylic
Image: Fender


Designing a clear acrylic guitar has its own unique challenges. The control cavity has to follow the shape of the clear pickguard much closer, so the overlapping outlines don’t look too busy. Luckily, this means there’s a lot less material in the body, which helps with the second issue: acrylic is heavy. Buelh says that the guitar ends up weighing around same as a Rosewood Telecaster.

Alongside the unique look, the guitar comes with Josefina hand-wound Jazzmaster pickups and an RSD Jazzmaster Bridge. See Buehl introduce the instrument below.

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