Watch: ThorpyFX’s Adrian Thorpe, Walrus Audio’s Jason Stulce, Greer Amps’ Nick Greer and TPS’ Mick Taylor discuss the future of pedals

They’re here to stay – but what will the stompboxes of the future look like?

Guitar.com Live: for the virtual guitar show, we assembled ThorpyFX’s Adrian Thorpe, Walrus Audio’s Jason Stuice, Greer Amps’ Nick Greer and That Pedal Show’s Mick Taylor to discuss the future of guitar stompboxes. The quartet of pedal experts dived into the role the guitar pedal still has to play in music as a whole, as well as where the devices might head from a technical standpoint.

A central theme of the conversation was the impact of the internet on the pedal world: before selling directly online became commonplace in the industry, it was much harder for builders to reach a wider audience outside of local shops. And, thanks to things like Mick’s own That Pedal Show – guitarists are more informed about gear than ever.

Something else that was central to the discussion was the idea of tactility – the consensus was that having a physical, bespoke unit with switches and knobs on it will always be more interactive and conducive to creativity than using purely software-based effects – regardless of whether the signal path itself is analogue or digital.

It’s an in-depth chat, so take a look at the full panel above.

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