Yamaha launches a new Wireless THR amp for acoustic players

Now it’s not just electric players that can go cordless.

Yamaha has introduced a new model into its popular THR range of desktop amplifiers, this time designed specifically for acoustic guitarists.

The THR30IIA is stereo, and runs at 30 watts of solid-state power. Like the other THR amplifiers, it’s designed more for the home than the stage, and hence looks like a stylish retro radio rather than a traditional amplifier. In amplifying your acoustic, much how electric amplifiers offer digital models of various amp styles, the THR30IIA offers three discrete microphone models: dynamic, tube and condenser. Onboard effects include compression, chorus, delay and reverb – with the latter making use of the amp’s speakers, and “Extended Stereo Technology” for a more immersive sound.

There’s also a Yamaha D-PRE microphone preamp, as well as a dedicated mode for nylon-
string guitars and a multipurpose flat setting, and an in-built rechargeable battery. The amp also comes with an in-built wireless receiver, which can pair with a Line 6 G10 Transmitter if you fancy practising cable-free.


Yamaha’s marketing manager Arthur Morin said: ‘“The THR30IIA Wireless provides acoustic guitar players with a perfect combination of professional-quality sound, fully wireless operation and a stylish, modern aesthetic. With the success of the THR-II series, acoustic players will love the THR30IIA, whether they are using it for practice, playing along to their favourite tracks, recording, or sharing their performances online.”

Take a listen to the amp with Yamaha’s demo below.

The amp comes with a street price of $869. Find out more at yamaha.com.