Graph Tech unveils Bass Ratio Machine Heads

Touted to make bass tuning faster and more intuitive.

Image: Graph Tech

Graph Tech Guitar Labs has expanded their Ratio brand with the Bass Ratio Machine Heads, designed with balanced-gear tuning technology.

The Bass Ratio Machine Heads are the world’s first bass machine heads, the brand says, to use a double envelope gear design with hardened steel gear. This ensures a smoother consistency on the higher-ratio machine heads.

Each individual Bass Ratio Machine Head is calibrated to a gear ratio so that each string feels and reacts the same way to any tuning adjustment. For example, from low B to C on a 6-string, small-diameter post, the gear ratios are 48:1, 36:1, 30:1, 20:1, 18:1 and 16:1. The machine heads are synchronised so that one full rotation of any Bass Ratio key results in approximately one full tone pitch change.

The Bass Ratio Machine Heads comprise seven sets of tuners and can be customised based on the number of strings. The sets also come with a choice of being fitted with either Y-style or clover leaf chrome buttons.

The Graph Tech Bass Ratio Machine Heads are now available and range between $99 and $199.95 for a set. For more information, click here.


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