Ground Control Audio announces the Tsukuyomi Midrange Booster

A simple but effective tone-sculpting tool.

Fresh out of Ground Control Audio’s corner is the Tsukuyomi Midrange Booster. The pedal is modelled after the brand’s popular Amaterasu Bright Pre-amp, and features a dedicated midrange boost that shapes tone in a unique way.

Like how a samurai slices through enemies with a katana, this stompbox is designed to cut straight through the mix. It borrows two elements from the Amaterasu pedal: a JFET frontend and a 20dB gain amplifier stage.

With the “Mids” switch to the right position, the pedal acts as a volume boost. But flick the switch over to the left, and the 880Hz to 1kHz frequency band gets a 12dB boost. This gives your lead tones the right amount of push to stand out in the mix. The overall effect is governed by a “Gain” knob.

As you would expect, the Tsukuyomi reacts differently to various pickups. Ground Control Audio recommends a single-coil and trebly amp setup for some “velvety fullness”, or, if you’re partial to humbuckers, a “crunchy sweetness”.

Retails at $159. More information at groundcontrolaudio.com.


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