Introducing the revamped Guitar.com

We’re proud to reveal a new-look website, and a brand-new industry hub offering latest news, expert analysis and more…

You might have noticed a few changes around here… Welcome to the new and improved Guitar.com!

Back in 1991, Guitar Magazine was created to give a voice to a new generation of guitar players, offering audiences expert insight and opinion about the latest gear, artists and trends in the guitar world.

And now, we’re taking things to the next level with a new-look Guitar.com, which moves forward with a commitment to creating an elevated experience for guitarists, music obsessives and industry professionals, fuelling their passions for all things guitar.

As you can see, this exciting new revamp features a vibrant new identity rolled out across all channels, which better reflects the energy and creativity of Guitar.com’s audiences and the emerging and legacy talent the brand continues to champion.

Also, one of the biggest new changes is the launch of an industry hub – a bespoke destination for industry professionals, featuring the latest news, expert industry analysis and even a job board.

This dynamic revamp and new industry hub signal Guitar.com’s ambition to connect with global audiences through inclusive, entertaining and authentic brand experiences, attracting young audiences and new brand partners across the world.

“We’re beyond excited to unveil a rebranded Guitar.com,” says Holly Bishop, Chief Operating & Commercial Officer at NME Networks, Guitar.com’s parent brand.

“This significant milestone in Guitar.com’s evolution delivers on elevating the brand experience for global audiences, partners and industry.

“Through the dynamic, new-look website and introduction of the industry hub, Guitar.com continues to galvanise its position as the destination for all things guitar. And this is just the beginning, with more Guitar.com announcements dropping over the coming weeks.”

So please, go forth and have a look around your new and upgraded Guitar.com!


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